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System plugins operate every time a page on your site loads. They control such things as your URLS, whether users can check a "remember me" box on the login module, and whether caching is enabled. New in 1.6 is the redirect plugin that with the redirect component assist you in managing changes in URLs.

Default on:

  • Remember me Help
  • SEFHelp
  • DebugHelp

Default off:

  • CacheHelp
  • LogHelp
  • RedirectHelp

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Edificio Principal

edificio 01 250x117ESO y Bachillerato
(turnos diurno y nocturno).

Avda. de Irún 18.
28830. San Fernando de Henares.
Tel: 91 671 11 04
Fax: 91 669 30 92.

Edificio FP BÁSICA

edificio 05En este edificio se imparte solo   FP Básica (turno diurno)

Calle Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio s/n.
28830. San Fernando de Henares.
Tel:  91 673 92 32